You'll be taken on an immersive experience through a multi-storey factory, where you'll enjoy five delectable zero-waste cocktails, courtesy of the world’s leading and most sustainable bars – Little Red Door (Paris), Little Mercies (London) and Nine Lives (London).  

Discover art created out of waste (you’ll be invited to become a rubbish artist yourself), drink The World’s BIGGEST Rubbish Cocktail (straight out of the bin) and dance the night away with a Discarded disco… come have your perceptions of waste reframed. 

What your ticket to The World’s Most Rubbish Bar includes: 

  • Two-hour immersive experience through multi-storey disused factory 
  • Equivalent of five zero-waste Discarded cocktails including The World’s BIGGEST Rubbish Cocktail (out of a *clean bin!) 
  • Takeovers from some of the world’s leading sustainable bars ~ Little Red Door (Paris), Little Mercies (London), and Nine Lives (London) 
  • Modern Art is Rubbish gallery and zero-waste art class 
  • Learn how to create your own tasty zero-waste ingredients  
  • Journey through each of Discarded’s award-winning zero-waste spirits 
  • Discarded Disco  

Every touchpoint in this multi-storey experience will be made from “waste”. The drinks will all be created through the Discarded Circular Cocktail Economy – where they source ingredients from local bars and restaurants previously destined for the bin and transform them into delectable cocktails that will make you think twice about chucking away those banana peels. And you’ll even learn how to create your own tasty zero-waste ingredients at home. 

It doesn’t stop there… you’ll sip through and immerse yourself in each of the award-winning zero-waste liquids – Discarded Grape Skin Vodka, Discarded Banana Peel Rum, and Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth.  Since we believes you can be playful and purposeful at once – it’s time to celebrate with a boogie at the Discarded Disco!

Because… Waste Tastes Beautiful.

Sessions run Thursday / Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 1pm. 


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Discarded Cocktail Recipes

Explore our range of other delicious, zero-waste cocktails suitable for any occasion and all made with either Grape Skin Vodka, Banana Peel Rum or Sweet Cascara Vermouth.

Grape Skin Martini

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Banana Old Fashioned

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A fruity, sweet rum from Discarded Spirits Co. made by infusing Caribbean rum with banana peel, creating a rich, banoffee pie character throughout the palate.

Delicious served neat over ice, mixed with ginger ale, or used in fruity rum-based cocktails like a Daiquiri or Pina Colada.

Banana Mule