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Discarded Cascara Vermouth

A sweet vermouth infused with cascara, the discarded fruit of the coffee berry. After use, this wine spirit is often sold on or even disposed of... but instead, we have turned this waste product into a delicious and complex vermouth.

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The Origins

Watch the story of Discarded unfold from provenance to pour.

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Discarded Story

When a coffee producer extracts the bean from the coffee berry, they discard what’s left, the fruit. The fruit is called cascara, it’s deep-red in colour, rich and fruity in flavour. The base of our vermouth is a fortified wine, previously used to impart flavour into casks in preparation for the final stages of malt whisky maturation. After use, this wine spirit is often sold on or even disposed of.

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How it's made

The fortified wine base is blended together with the cascara extract for sweetness, and then wormwood extract for bitterness which come together to complete our cascara vermouth

Tasting Notes

Bright cherry notes, with rich cacao nibs, roasted coffee and merlot, rounded off with candied figs and cinnamon.

Fruit-forward damson jam and cherry flavours, with deep notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee giving way to dry red wine and a peppery spiced finish.

50 CL | 21% ABV

discarded cobbler

This super simple drink combines berries and citrus fruit that would otherwise be discarded with the rich, berry-forward flavours of the Discarded Cascara Vermouth... producing a sustainable, spritz-style serve – perfect year-round.

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