Discarded Spirits Co. is a brand with a mission and purpose - to reverse needless waste and to inspire progress.

As a society, we recognise our consumption attitudes need to change in order to radically shift the future outlook of our environment.

Which is why our award-winning zero waste spirits brand reuses waste from the coffee, wine and whisky industries.

Everything we do is influenced by this philosophy; the liquid in our bottles, the bottles themselves and everything we do beyond the bottle!

We continue to discover ‘undiscovered’ flavours, bring ‘redundant’ ingredients back to life, and invent zero-waste techniques that you can implement in your daily lives to ‘reuse creatively’. 

At Discarded Spirits Co.we see the beauty in waste. #Wastetastesbeautiful


Did you know 70% of food and drink waste is completely avoidable? 

At Discarded Spirits Co., we want to reframe how people perceive waste because waste is in fact beautiful! We want to shift how consumers drink spirit brands by introducing sustainable drinking not only as an option, but as the most delicious option there is! 

By inspiring our industry and consumers, we aim to pioneer the zero-waste drinks movement together! Calling all zero-waste warriors and eco-active consumers – are you ready to drive real change with a positive impact together? Learn how you can get involved in our ‘News and Events’ section. #Wasteisbeautiful

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We are on a simple mission: to reverse needless waste. Pioneering a progressive wave of spirits packed full of flavour that challenge the way we use natural resources. Made from ingredients that were once wasted, Discarded transforms them into delicious, treasured spirits.

Discarded Banana Peel Rum

A fruity, sweet rum from Discarded Spirits Co. made by infusing Caribbean rum with banana peel, creating a rich, banoffee pie character throughout the palate.

Delicious served neat over ice, mixed with ginger ale, or used in fruity rum-based cocktails like a Daiquiri or Pina Colada.

37.5% ABV

Discarded Grape Skin Vodka

Discarded Grape Skin Vodka is a grape-based vodka using fruit recovered from wine making, using the stems, seeds and skin of the harvest to salvage what is left from the wine industry.

Zero-waste pack – our packaging is 100% recyclable.

40% ABV

Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth

A sweet vermouth infused with cascara, the discarded fruit of the coffee berry. Billions of cascara are wasted by the coffee industry every year. We repurpose the cascara to create a rich, fruity vermouth with purpose. Discarded slots into vermouth-forward cocktails powerfully, adding depth of flavour and a distinct fruity bitterness to a mixology classic.

21% ABV


Explore our sustainable cocktails made from zero-waste Sweet Cascara Vermouth, Banana Peel Rum and Chardonnay Grape-skin Vodka.

Grape Skin Spritz

A perfect summer serve and stunning example of reducing waste.
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Banana Daiquiri

The humble daiquiri is more than the sum of its parts
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Discarded Cascara Negroni with Vermouth Bottle

Cascara Negroni

A complex and special zero waste cocktail
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Brand Ambasador Sam talks about sustainability

We're back with another week of The Sustainability Edit at Tessuti and this week we're joined by Sam Trevethyen of Discarded Spirits.