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As a society, we recognise our consumption attitudes have to change in order to radically shift the future outlook of our society and environment. At Discarded Spirits Co. we are on a simple mission: to reverse needless waste. 70% of Food and Drink waste is avoidable. We’re adopting a new philosophy to understand how what is wasted today, can be treasured tomorrow. We believe by reusing traditionally ‘wasted’ ingredients, we can unlock a purposeful new dawn for the spirits industry. We can discover ‘undiscovered’ flavours, bring back to life ‘redundant’ ingredients, invent techniques to ‘reuse creatively.’ Discarded Spirits Co. aims to pioneer a progressive wave of spirits packed full of flavour that challenges the way we use our natural resources.

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Versatile Vermouth, made relevant

Billions of cascara are wasted by the coffee industry every year. We repurpose the cascara to create a rich, fruity vermouth with purpose. Discarded slots into vermouth-forward cocktails powerfully, adding depth of flavour and a distinct fruity bitterness to a mixology classic.

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Iconic Ingredients, Double Discarded

With Discarded Banana Peel Rum, we are transforming an icon of waste into an icon of taste. Banana peel, once extracted tastes like liquid banana bread.

Our rum is also a discarded ingredient. An aged Caribbean rum, it’s original purpose was to season empty whisky casks for our single malts cask finishes.

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Reframed elegance, Discarded flavour

Our spirit base is distilled ‘pomace’ grape skin and fruit discarded in wine production.

Our flavour overlay is ‘wine essence’, the alcoholic by-product of dealcoholized wine production. From synthetic to authentic. Introducing profound flavour and meaning to premium vodka.

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