The Prize

The winner will be whisked away on a Discarded voyage to Cornwall, for an action packed few days of surf, sun and more sustainable food and drink than you can shake a litter picker at.

The 3 runners up will have an amazing Zero Waste day out in London, capped off by dinner at Silo.

How To Enter

All YOU need to do to enter is to create a Discarded cocktail using one of our award-winning zero waste spirits along with one zero-waste ingredient. 

Send your World’s Most Rubbish cocktail recipe AND your zero-waste ingredient recipe to us by filling out the entry from here.

If you would like to share an image of your serve or perhaps a video to share the back-story of your inspiration and zero-waste approach, please send along with the recipes.

The key details for your entry:

  • Your drink entry must contain a minimum of 50ml of any of the three Discarded Spirits Co. range, which are:
    • Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth 
    • Discarded Banana Peel Rum
    • Discarded Grape Skin Vodka
    • The 50ml can also be made of up a mix of the different products
  • Your drink entry must also contain at least one zero-waste ingredient – something made using the waste from your bar, cafe, restaurant, or perhaps ‘urban foraged’ from your local community. See Zero Waste Ingredients *(add hyperlink to Zero Waste ingredients section) for inspiration – from spent coffee liqueur to used citrus cordial.

  • Doug McMaster, owner of zero-waste Green Michelin Star restaurant Silo, likes to say: “Waste is a failure of the imagination.” We think this is a great place to start for inspiration not just for your drink, but your entire story. When it comes to striving towards zero waste, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Let's talk about garnish. Any drink with a non-edible garnish (random lime wedge, I am looking at you) will not be considered for the final.

The Live Final

The top 10 entries will be invited to present their drinks to a panel of three judges at a live final on Tuesday 30th August, hosted at the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant Silo. 

You will have 10 mins to make three identical versions of your drink and present them to three judges. Discarded stock, cocktail equipment and cubed ice will be provided. You will need to bring everything else. 

You will be judged on: 

  • Your use and knowledge of the Discarded Spirits Co. range
  • Your zero-waste ingredient(s) and the sustainability story behind them
  • How your drink tastes
  • The theatre of your presentation
  • The beauty is in the details, e.g. how far did you take the zero-waste approach in your drink?

Six Zero Waste Ingredient Inspirations

Zero Waste Idea #1

Spent Coffee Liqueur

For every kilo of coffee bought, a kilo of coffee was thrown in the bin. This recipe for Spend Coffee Liqueur is a great way to give used coffee a second life! What other flavours can we add to this…

Zero Waste Idea #2

Banana Peel Syrup

Banana Peels are synonymous with waste, so giving them a second life as a rich banana syrup is a no-brainer. We wonder what other skins this works with…

Zero Waste Idea #3

Zero Waste Dry Vermouth

Anyone who has ever worked in a venue that sells wine by the glass knows just how real much flat or oxidised wine waste is. This is also an amazing way to make custom vermouth with different wine bases and botanicals…

Zero Waste Idea #4

Strawberry Top Campari

This is a really goof example of how we have been told certain parts of fruit are edible, and others belong in the bin. The bitter sweetness of Campari (or any Bitter) is a great base from reusing fruit waste, we wonder what else could work…

Zero Waste Idea #5

Flat Prosecco Syrup

We all love prosecco, and we have all had that bottle we could not finish flat. This is the easiest way to give fla bubbles a second life, and we are pretty sure you could add some other stuff in here….

Zero Waste Idea #6

Used Citrus Cordial

Anyone that has ever worked behind a bar has thrown some perfectly good citrus in the bin, and the number of citrus husks thrown away after juicing is phenomenal. This basic cordial recipe can be used for pretty much any fruit waste, we wonder what else tastes good…