Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse them creatively by turning them into a delicious sustainable banana peel syrup.


  • Simply take your leftover banana peels, place them into a jar then add equal parts sugar. Allow to infuse for 24 hours, then simply strain. 
  • Pour all three ingredients into a rocks glass over cubed ice.
  • Stir gently and enjoy!

And you can try it in our Banana Peel Daiquiri instead of fresh banana to make it even more sustainable, as well as utterly delicious

How to make banana peel syrup

Discarded Cocktail Recipes

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Banana Daiquiri

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A fruity, sweet rum from Discarded Spirits Co. made by infusing Caribbean rum with banana peel, creating a rich, banoffee pie character throughout the palate.

Delicious served neat over ice, mixed with ginger ale, or used in fruity rum-based cocktails like a Daiquiri or Pina Colada.

Banana Mule