This is our first recycled plastic bottle, and our first collaboration with Oceanworks, with the 5cl bottle being trialled in the UK, Germany and the Nordics for the next year. For every bottle we make, 10g of ocean-bound plastic is rescued and reused. If the trial is successful, we will be
exploring the possibility of using ocean-bound plastic for our larger bottles, allowing us to reuse more creatively. 

And we don’t want the bottles’ journey to end here, so we’ve made sure that every bottle and cap is fully recyclable. To recycle your bottle, you just need to remove the plastic stopper inside the cap before throwing it in the right bin. 

You get a nice drink. The bottle gets another life.

To find out more about the exceptional work carried out by Oceanworks, please follow the link.

Discarded Cocktail Recipes

Explore our range of other delicious, zero-waste cocktails suitable for any occasion and all made with either Grape Skin Vodka, Banana Peel Rum or Sweet Cascara Vermouth.

Banana Colada Spritz

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Conscious Cosmopolitan

The most conscious Cosmo you can put together.

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Espresso Martini

A powerhouse of sustainability by reusing spent coffee grounds.

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A fruity, sweet rum from Discarded Spirits Co. made by infusing Caribbean rum with banana peel, creating a rich, banoffee pie character throughout the palate.

Delicious served neat over ice, mixed with ginger ale, or used in fruity rum-based cocktails like a Daiquiri or Pina Colada.

Banana Mule