• 50ml Discarded Grape Skin Vodka
  • 4 watermelon chunks
  • 100ml Prosecco
  • 25ml soda (optional)


  • Add fresh watermelon and vodka over ice in a shaker.
  • Shake until chilled, then double strain into a wine glass over ice.
  • Top with prosecco (and a splash of soda if you like!).


  • For a zero waste twist, why not use those leftover watermelon skins for a refreshing watermelon wine?
  • Simply take your watermelon skins and chop them up, then place them into a jar with your flat / slightly off wine. Infuse for 24 hours, then strain and serve in THIS cocktail or any other for a zero-waste twist..

We are pioneers in zero waste

We are inspired by "the discarded", things you'd normally throw away. Watch our video for how we can make your at home bar a more sustainable one with our delicious range of premium spirits.


Environmentally friendly vodka made from discarded grape skins.

Tasting Notes:
Damson jam and cherry flavours firstly, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee. Finally a dry red wine and a peppery spiced finish.


RRP £28

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Wasted Watermelon Spritz

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